What We Offer...
Condo/HOA Management:

  • Bookkeeping/Record Management
Monthly Reports
Quarterly Reports
Year-End Reports
Coordination of Tax Returns

  • Condo Association Dues Collection
Collection & Deposit of all dues
Automatic calculation and enforcement of late fees

  • Property Health
Budget & Cash Flow Analysis
Vendor search cost comparisons
Cost Reductions
Property Walk-Thrus

  • Project Management
Up to 3 quotes from Licenses and Insured Vendors
Overseeing of all projects from start to finish
Coordination of approval and payment upon completion

  • General Maintenance & Repairs
On call contractors, plumbers and electricians qualified for all renovations, repairs and emergencies.  

  • Condo Sales & Rentals
South Shore Property Management’s staff are licensed Realtors in affiliation with GNHAR and can handle all your sales and rental needs. Please see Tenant Services for more information on how we can service your rental needs.
South Shore Property Management, LLC BBB Business Review
Tenant Selection and Placement:
  • Background Checks
Criminal History Reports
Credit Reports
Landlord/Tenant Relations

  • Lease Preparation
Rental Comparisons
Collection of Security Deposit and Rental Payments
Preparation of your personalized lease
Tenant Walk Thru Inspection at Start/End 

  • Tenant Dispossession
Notice to Cease
Notice to Quit
Habitual Late Payment Evictions
Non-Payment Evictions
Disorderly Evictions

Let us help you find the right tenant for you. We provide criminal and credit background checks...