South Shore Property Management, LLC BBB Business Review
Property Management companies in New Haven County offer similar services,
how these services are delivered makes all the difference.
South Shore Property Management works with condo associations and rental buildings delivering premium property management services. 

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South Shore Property Management Specializes In:

  • Condo Association, Multi-Family Rentals & Private Rentals
Sales, Rentals & Complete Property Management Services dealing with Condo Association Property Management, Multi-Family Rental Property Management, Investment Property Management
  • Bookkeeping/Finances
Accounts Receivable, Bill Payment, Monthly Invoices, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Statements, Investment Property Budgeting, Cash Flow
  • Project Management
On call contractors, plumbers, electricians qualified for renovations, conversions, electrical work etc...
  • Complete Tenant Property Management Services
Background checks, Credit checks, Section 8, Rentals, Tenant Rent Collection, Tenant Evictions, etc…
  • Compliance
State/Local Codes & Inspections, Taxes, 

28 Hemingway Avenue, rear
East Haven, CT 06512
Phone #: 203-466-7264
Cell#: 203-415-4316
Fax#: 203-466-7265
South Shore Property Management, LLC.